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steve bradley is a scam!!!!

Hello everyone

Today unfortunately I found out this; I was almost scammed.

How you ask?

He claimed that he accepted me as his aupair and directed me to his attorney(which is himself but he acts like his attorney). He send me a contract then I signed and sent it to e-mail which it claims it is UK Home Office's e-mail in fact it is just a public domain e-mail address. There were visa application form and n the e-mail sent to me there was a requirement that was always suspicious to me. It was asking me to send the receipt of 1000 GBP deposit to my name via Money Gram. I checked what is Money Gram and it's terms and policies. It says that you should not share any information about your receipt to anybody except the person you sending the money. So I called Money Gram costumer service and the lady said to me it's a scam they will copy my ID and passport informations and withdraw the money.Since I'm a spectical guy about everything it made me doubt about he is a scammer. Then I made a little research but found nothing. Then I fiddle around somethings and my suspicion started to improve more and more. And finally I called UK embassy in Turkey. I can't say the lady was helpful at all but I decieved that he was a scammer and I told him that he is a scammer. He denied ofc but later when I think I'm done with him, he sent message from another number that he claims that he is  his attorney(same guy actually). He threatened me cursed me and said he will make voodoo on me lol. Story ends here.

What's the lesson you should get from here?

Obviously be aware of scammers. Do not send any money even though to your name on Money Gram. Do not share your ID or passport informations with anybody. Those things only asked by officials and only accepted in paper form. No official will ask your informations(ID and passport) via e-mail. Every thing about your travel must be fullfiled by host family. Even though they are clever scammer, they forget who they playing with. Attention to detail is key. No official use publicly available email extentions such as gmail.com, hotmail.com, mail.com etc. There must be government spesific extentions usually includes "gov".

My hopes clearly washed off from my head because of this unfortunate experience. However, I found a possibility warn other people without being scammed. I lost my time but learned my lesson. I hope you dont lose your time. 

Thank you for reading.

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These are the numbers and addresses he uses. Be careful.

Yes you're right. He texted me too. 

omg, he also send me a message

Thanks Abdullah for pointing out to always be attentive to not being fooled by a scammer! Although we're already really fast in banning scammers, in each new attempt scammers manage to contact some au pairs before we can ban them.

Amazingly, this guy tries it again and again, although he always gets detected as a spammer quickly by our system and consequently banned immediately. Hope all of you also got a warning message by our system that this guy is a spammer!

Also check out our FAQ about how to protect yourself from scammers: https://connectaupair.world/faq.php?q=180

Aaaaaw Shame, so sorry you had to go through this Abdullah.

Thanks for sharing! We really must be careful!

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