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I search an host family in California or Florida, who could help me?

I would like to skype with an host family and explain everything and answer any of your questions,  I would love to work as an aupair. My contact is: deleted

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Dear Alberto, 

as stated in https://connectaupair.world/community/question/job-postings-applications, it's not allowed to share personal contact information in the community, that's why I have removed your skype contact info from your post. For contacting the host families, you can first use our messaging system, after finding interesting families in your matching.  

When searching for a host family, it's good to add some more information about yourself in your profile. For more tips check out our FAQ about how to find a host family: https://connectaupair.world/faq.php?q=17

Wish you good luck in finding a host family! And please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best regards, 

Taina from the cAP team

Dear Taina,

I'm sorry, my apologies, It was not my intention! 

For the questions, i will ask you! Thank you!

Best Regard, Alberto

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