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I am looking for a Host family

Dear Host family,

 I am Baby Jean Jimenez 20 years old single a young professional graduated a course of Business tourism and travel management and I'm from Philippines. I have an experience for taking care the kid's. And also I can do some household chores in the house. And i can assure you to do the task given. I like to play with kids, share them my love , culture and traditions. and I wan't them to feel that I am not just an Au Pair but a Good sister to them that they can share their problems anytime. I would like to teach them any languages and other knowledge that I have..I am a go lucky person a positive and cheerful woman. I would love to take care kids and aside of that I want to learn more knowledge gaining some cultures and traditions. I also want to build a good relationship with you future host family. if you give me a chance I assure you to give my best of all bests to be a perfect AU pair.

I love dancing, dancing is my talent. I love talking because I am so talkative but harmless. I love to create a circle of friends a lot! i like playing indoor and out door games such as chess, word factory, badminton, volleyball, softball , basketball also. My hobbies are painting, drawing, playing instruments such as piano and guitar. It's okay for me to do household chores I have initiative on it.
I would like to attend language class any language class. If I I will be given a chance depends what my future host family want for the schedule. just want to learn new about any language and their culture and traditions. English, German, Spanish, Swedish and anything more and more. probably gaining more knowledge about everything

My Culture and traditions in Philippines is so interesting fact! I can also cook a traditional meals and songs, games, and any. after my Au Pair, I'd like to pursue my course Business Tourism. I wan't to be a flight attendant someday so I can sustain my family needs.

you can contact me through whatsapp +639205803667 or email jimenezbabybaby@gmail.com

Best regards,

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