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Hallo,how fast can I get a host family.i would love your help in finding one.Thank you

Am Jane,23 years old from Kenya.A speak English and Deutchniveau B1.Am an experienced aupair searching for a host Family in Germany.

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Hi Jane,

how fast it goes is very much depending on how appealing your profile is to potential host families, but there's also always some luck included that there's a family searching for an au pair just like you.

Unfortunately, many families are hesitant to accept au pairs from Africa, as the visa process takes extremely long and in some cases ends by refusing the visa. 

Therefore you need to look for a family who searches for an au pair to start more than half a year in the future, to make sure you will be able to start on time.

I cross my fingers for you that you find a matching family soon!

Maria from the cAP team


Thank you for your feedback.

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