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can a boy find a host family very fast

Can a boy find a host family very fast.its like its not easy for a boy to find a host family,why is it like that

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Dear Rodney,

as in most host countries traditionally mostly women look after children (especially when they are small), and also most kindergarten teachers are female (at least in Germany), most host families simply can't imagine a boy as an au pair for their kids.

On the other hand, there are some nice articles out on the web (e.g. this one) about the very positive experience with a male au pair, especially if the kids to look after are boys and the father doesn't have time to look after the kids too often. 

So my advice would be to search for families with boys (rather at school age than babies) and contact them with a very personal story why you think you would be a good "big brother" for their kids.

I cross my fingers for you, that you find matching family soon!

Maria from the cAP team

very nice answer

Mandar Cancelar

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