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Are you looking for hardworking, brave, honest and talented aupair?

Good day! 

     Dear host family

 I am Rexter but you can call me "kit". I'm from Philippines. I used to taking care of a child because I'm the one who taking care of my sister's child when she's at work.  My dream is to travel the world. By being an au pair I'm gonna take a first step of my dream and I love to learn anything like language, culture, history and many more about to your country. I like to have conversation with different people that I've encounter in my life and learn something about them. I want to spread the positivity of all over the world and have a lot of friends. Thank you and God bless :) 

☑️ 20 years old 

☑️ Single, no children

☑️ Non-smoker

☑️ Flexible and adaptable

☑️ Language:



☑️ Knows how to take care of child and have knowledge and experiences doing household chores 

☑️ Acoustic singer

☑️ Swimmer 

☑️ Flexible 

☑️ Knows how to draw (a little bit) 

☑️ Mobile photographer

☑️ Nature lover

☑️ Pet lover (any kind of pets) 

If you want to know me more don't hesitate to DM me ?❤️

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