¿Cómo puedo ser "au pair" en Luxemburgo?

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Luxemburgo has 2 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
Choose here which programs you want to see and compare.

prerequisites for au pairs

Au pair



language skills

It is expected that the au pair has a basic knowledge (equivalent to at least Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in one of the languages spoken by the host family, as well as in the English language or in one of the 3 official languages of the country (German, French or Luxembourgish).


Feel free to attend an online language course "Luxembourgish". This E-Learning course is for free.


The au pair has to 

  • either hold a certificate giving him / her access to higher education in his / her land of origin
  • or give proof that he / she has attended class until the age of 17 at the minimum

marital status

No restrictions about the marital status of an au pair have been found.


There are no official rules if the au pair is allowed to have children or not.

prerequisites for families

Au pair

definition of family

The host family

  • must have amongst its members at least one child who has not reached the age of 13 at the beginning of the au pair's stay.
  • must give evidence that appropriate day care is provided for children who have not yet reached the age of 6 (i.e. letter of affidavit)
  • has to submit a maximum of a 3-month-old criminal record for each family member who is of legal age at the beginning of the au pair's stay, as proof of his / her respectability 
  • has to submit a household certificate which is issued by the municipality of residence

With these prerequisites fulfilled, the host family can apply for authorization of the competent minister for Youth (Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Greater Region). 

The required forms can be downloaded here.


  1. This written authorization of the competent minister of Youth is mandatory to be able to employ an au pair.
  2. Together with the registration of the au pair with the social security a copy of this written authorization has to be submitted

More detailled information about the prerequisites a family has to meet to be able to employ an au pair can be found here (available in French and German).

languages of family

No official restrictions have been found regarding the language which has to be spoken within the host family to be able to employ an au pair

citizenship of family

No official restrictions about the citizenship of the family have been found.

prerequisites for agencies

Au pair

other restrictions

Au pair

other restrictions

The au pair

  • is not allowed to engage in any kind of employment / self-employment  during his / her stay as an au pair in Luxembourg
  • has to attend a mandatory information session organized by the National Youth Service (SNJ) after his / her arrival in Luxembourg
  • has to present a medical certificate issued less than three month before the au pair's arrival in Luxembourg, confirming the au pair's ability to perform light or family common tasks, including child care.

For more information hereabout please see section "citizens - family - parents - to host an au pair => approval" on guichet.lu, (only available in French and German)

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