¿Cómo puedo ser "au pair" en Luxemburgo?

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Luxemburgo has 2 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
Choose here which programs you want to see and compare.

program basics

Au pair

minimum age


maximum age



visa required

estimated visa processing time

: 90


language requirements

required language skills:

English: A1 or français: A1 or Deutsch: A1 or Lëtzebuergesch: A1

short program description

The au pair program is open to young people from any country. There are only different rules for EU/EEA/CH versus the rest of the world.

The purpose of the au pair's stay is to improve his/her language skills and to have a better knowledge of the host country.

If not indicated differently, quotes are taken from guichet.lu (The administrative guide Luxembourg State).

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