¿Cómo puedo ser "au pair" en Francia?

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rules & regulations

Au pair
Working Holiday
Foreign temporary familial trainee

minimum stay

There is no minimum stay required.

The minimum stay for the Foreign temporary familial trainee is 3 months.

maximum stay

The working holiday visa is valid for four months only and cannot be extended.

The initial term of the agreement may not exceed one year. The agreement may be extended to allow a maximum stay of 24 months in France.

working hours

The conventional working hours are 40 hours per week for a full-time employee. 

The hours worked by the au pair have to be specified in the employment contract.

Once in France, the "holiday worker" can work in order to subsidize his stay. The employment will be in compliance with the French employment laws. The amount of hours worked, days off, tasks, etc. will then be mentioned in the working agreement.

The working hours may not exceed 5 hours a day.

days off

The usual weekly rest day (preferably on Sunday) must be included in the contract: the au pair is entitled to one day and a half off per week.

Once the "holiday worker" will have gain employment, the days off will be specified in the employment agreement, in compliance with the French employment laws.

The Foreign temporary familial trainee is entitled to one day off a week with at least one Sunday a month.


The duration of annual paid leave is two and a half working days per month, regardless of regular working hours.

Once the "holiday worker" will have gain employment, the holidays will be specified in the employment agreement, in compliance with the French employment laws.

not relevant

allowed work

The daily work of an au pair varies widely. It wholly depends on the type and lifestyle of the family that is hosting the au pair. In general, an au pair's everyday work includes:

  • Carrying out light housework such as helping to keep the home clean and tidy as well as washing and ironing clothes;
  • Making breakfast and simple meals;
  • Looking after younger children, i.e. supervising them, accompanying them to kindergarten, to school or specific activities, bringing them for walks, playing with them;
  • Watching over the house or apartment and looking after pets

Which work should and can be done by an au pair? Which work an au pair definitely doesn't have to do? Discuss with others in our community!

not relevant

The Foreign temporary familial trainee provides the host family services consisting in participation in day family duties (household chores, childcare, ...).

The placement agreement between the au pair and the host family defines exactly the services provided by the au pair.

forbidden work

As far as we are aware, the "holiday worker" can perform all professional activities (unless regulated of course).

not relevant

pocket money

The au pair employee is paid in kind, therefore there is no pocket money.

Benefits in kind which the au pair receives should be commensurate with the work done and its value should be at least equal to the minimum wage (hours worked x hourly minimum wage [link in French]).

The salary perceived in France should be at least equal to the French minimum salary (link in French).

The au pair receives pocket money between 75 et 90 times the minimum salary, which corresponds to a monthly amount between 267.75  and 321.30 EUR (the final amount has to be agreed between the au pair and the host family).

board and lodging

The collective convention defines the benefits in kind as follows:

  • 4.70 Eur per meal
  • 71.00 Eur per month per housing

When an employee is fed, the food must be healthy and sufficient.

not relevant

It is customary for the au pair to be housed and fed.


The host family provides the au pair with decent housing including: a window, suitable lighting, appropriate heating  and equipped with normal sanitary facilities (if not, the employee will have access to the sanitary facilities of the employer).

not relevant

The accommodation for the au pair has to be agreed upon between the au pair and the host family.

language course

There is no obligation to undertake language courses under the working holiday scheme.

The au pair must have sufficient time to take French language or civilizations classes.

The au pair has to be enrolled in French courses.

travel expenses

The applicant must provide a copy of the round trip flight.

The split of the travel expenses between the au pair and the host family must be discussed amongst them.

health, accident and liability insurance

An insurance for the entire stay is highly recommended.

The au pair comes under the general system of Social Security (sickness, maternity, employment injury, basic pensions) and supplementary pension fund (IRCEM).

The social security contributions have to be paid only by the host family.

social welfare system

The au pair employee falls under the general Social Security scheme and the supplementary pension fund for employees of individual employer (IRCEM).

The au pair also benefits from unemployment insurance.

The host family is required to establish a pay slip.

The owner of a working holiday visa is not entitled to social security in France.

The host family, as employer must declare the au pair every three months at the Urssaf (social welfare). The contribution of the host family will be based on the declaration.

The provisions of the labour rights do apply.


not relevant

The pocket money is not subject to taxation

cost for host family

The employment of an au pair employee can qualify the host family for reduction or tax rebate. More details here (in French).

not relevant

The cost for the host family is as follow:

  • Pocket money: 541.52 EUR per month (including taxes)
  • Housing and food
  • Eventually, contribution to the trip or the language classes
  • Additional car insurance for the au pair (if required)
  • Other

ending of contract

The ending of the contract has to be specified in the employment contract. 

The employment contract may be terminated by the resignation of the employee.

not relevant

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